Anything but everyday – the new Rézo Building in Paris

Looking at the dull environment of heavily frequented railway land, is it really possible to erect an office building which is functionally-built to the core and yet stands out from the rest? Yes, it is as can be seen in the new eye-catching Rézo Building designed by Anne Démians architects in the French capital. The unusual visual effect is mainly due to the facade which displays alternating plain and cut-out aluminum panels.

Tailor-made for an architect’s needs and desires: Aleris aluminum 55HX®

The architects developed a facade design that shows plain and ornate panels, or perforated panels with large cut-outs. In addition to the design aspect, this construction comes in extremely useful, too. Despite the large window areas, the curtain-like facade somewhat serves as a light shield which breaks the direct sunlight shining from outside and therefore prevents heat accumulation in the window area.

To achieve the rigidity necessary for static reasons, panels need to be at least 4 to 5 mm thick. While composite panels with a plastic core cannot guarantee the required rigidity long-term, the Aleris 55HX® alloy meets the demanding requirements of the architects just perfectly. With thicknesses of 4 and 5 mm it provides the required rigidity; additionally, the material is durable, leightweight and shows excellent anodizing properties. Around 130 tons of Aleris 55HX® went into the facade of the Rézo Building that were supplied by Aleris Duffel in Belgium.

This is not the first time that Aleris has worked with the engineering and construction firm as part of the project. “The first ties with Laubeuf were knit in 2012 following Aleris’ strategic decision to market 55HX® also to the French building and construction market more proactively,“ Thierry Le Lay, Key Account Manager at Aleris Aluminum France explains, “which quickly resulted in a cooperation in the Chantier Saussure office building project in Paris, the facade of which is also built with our product 55HX®. Again, the requirement was to provide 5 mm thick anodized plate,“ Thierry Le Lay continues. 5 mm is the thickness limit for anodized aluminum which is quite a challenge. But Aleris responded well with 55HX® which is the perfect solution for demanding planners and architects.

Laubeuf will continue to rely on Aleris: another order for 10 mm plates has just been placed. They serve as base panels for the new business center “Les Halles“ – on historical grounds in downtown Paris.