No Ordinary-Looking Building: the Rezo offices in Paris

With its bright and creative aluminum wall cladding, the Rézo Building stands out proudly in the neighborhood of Saussure, Paris. This eye-catching landmark, designed by Anne Démians architects, gets its unusual look thanks to Aleris 55HX® natural anodized aluminum.

Rézo building, Paris

Eye-catching and functional
The unusual visual effect is due to the façade which displays alternating plain and cut-out aluminum panels. To create this unique façade, the architect combined full panels, perforated panels and large cut-out designs in anodized aluminum. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this construction choice has some functional benefits as well: the curtain-like façade serves as a light shield which breaks the direct sunlight shining from outside and therefore prevents heat accumulation in the window area, for the greater comfort of the premise’ users.

Responding to stringent requirements
To achieve these shapes while ensuring the stability, a minimum thickness of 5 mm was needed by the architects. At present, Aleris’ 55HX® is the only alloy in the market meeting that stringent requirement. Around 130 tons of 55HX® sheets supplied by Aleris Duffel in Belgium, went into the façade of the Rézo building. The material had to be perforated, laser-cut, blanked-out and shaped before further processing.

Leading engineering and construction firm Eiffage Métal, responded successfully to the architects’ tender. Having already taken 55HX® into their portfolio, the company had immediately recognized the benefits of the metal, such as its good formability / rigidity ratio, durability and light weight. The partnership between Eiffage Métal and Aleris has since grown even further with the order of 10mm thickness plates serving as base panels in the renovation project of the famous complex “Les Halles”, in downtown Paris.

“To create a unique façade, the architect                      
combined full panels, perforated panels and
large cut-out designs in anodized aluminum”


Aleris 55HX®: tailor-made for architects’ needs
Due to its unique properties, Aleris 55HX® is ideal for use externally, in architectural applications such as cladding, walls, ceilings and roof construction. It provides the following benefits:

• Streak-free anodizing
• Color consistency
• Excellent shaping and bending properties
• Weather-proof, corrosion and UV-resistant
• Robust and scratch proof

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