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Positioned to grow as the economy recovers

The durability, versatility, formability and aesthetic characteristics of aluminum enhance a wide variety of buildings throughout the world — from large corporate headquarters to single-family homes. Aluminum–based products are highly decorative and offer excellent heat and sound insulation, resistance to corrosion and weathering, and a high strength-to-weight ratio, among other advantages.

Products & Capabilities

Aleris Duffel is a recognized leader in aluminum sheet for building products, and we’ve continued to grow our geographic footprint, expand our finishing capacity and add supply chain flexibility to enhance our level of service to our customers.

In Europe, our products are used for a number of advanced architectural applications. We’ve developed a variety of non-anodized and anodized aluminum products that incorporate the latest design trends for facade cladding and other end uses. Aleris is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum strips for multilayer tube manufacturers. Builders in the plumbing and heating sector prefer multilayer composite pipes because the combination of plastic and aluminum offers many advantages.


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Aleris Duffel produces aluminum products in Duffel, Belgium that go into architectural applications throughout the world.



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